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n yuan, an increase of 19.5%. Grain output rose for the fifth consecutive year and totaled 528.5 million tons, a record high. - Reform and opening up were furthe▓r deepened. New breakthroughs were made in reforms in key areas and crucial links, such as the fiscal, taxation, financial and pricing system▓s and administration. Imports and exports totaled US$ 2.56 trillion, ▓an increase of 17.8%. Paid-in foreign direct invest

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ment reached $92.4billion. - Development of social programs was accelerated, and the living standards of▓ the people continued to rise. A total of 11.13million more urban residen▓ts entered the workforce. Urban per capita annual disposable income reached 15,781 yuan, an increase of 8.4% in real terms, and rural per capita net income reached 4,761 yuan, up by 8% in real terms▓. - Great victories were won in the fight against

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massive natural disasters. The Beijing Olympics ▓and Paralympics were held successfully, and the Shenzhou VII manned space mission was a complete success. These achievements signify that we▓ have taken new and solid steps along the path of socialism with Chinese character▓istics. They have greatly fortified the courage and strength of the peopl

e of all our ethnic groups to surmount difficulties and will definitely encourage us to bravely forge ahead on the new historical course. NIIA expert: "Basic science, technology development fundamental to China´s success story"LAGOS, O▓ct. 6 (Xinhua) -- Besides adoption of reform and opening-up policy, basic science and technol

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ogy development provided solid foundation for China's economic g▓rowth, Osita Agbu, an expert of Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), h▓as said during an interview with Xinhua recently in La▓gos, Nigeria. "Most of people in China have been lifted out of poverty since the adoption of reform and openi

ng-up policy, it has too much positive to say about the achievements," said the expert. He praised Chinese leaders' determination for adopting such a policy 30 years ago, saying that the decision ▓not only changed Chinese people's life but also changed the world, for instance, Nigeria and China could share an in

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, surmounted all difficultie s and obstac les, and made new achievements i▓n refo rm, opening up and socialist mod ernization. - The national economy ▓c ontinued to maintain s teady and rapid growth. GDP topped 30 trilli on y▓uan, an in crease of 9% over th e previous yea r. Overall p rice rises ?/a> 坵ere held in check. Governm ent revenue wa s 6.13 trillio 上犹县5G 乌审旗wap 资溪县5G 蒙山县wap 托克托县wap 确山县5G 江华瑶族自治县wap 辉南县5G 汝州市wap 昭平县wap 伊川县5G 石首市5G 巫溪县wap 西藏wap 泉州市wap 新乡市wap 永泰县5G 古丈县5G 隆昌县wap 原平市wap 传奇私服脚本制作教程 网页超变态传奇私服网站 传奇私服1.80新开网站 传奇私服网页版 传奇私服怎么解压补丁 热血传奇私服网站新开网 180dnf版本传奇私服 冰雪之城传奇私服漏洞 传奇私服手机电脑 传奇私服新开服网